Family Shelters

Our family shelters offer comfortable, home-like environments for parents and children. We provide each family with a room and meals for up to six months. Our case management services are [...]

Brain Injury Services

People living with the continuing effects of a brain injury – whether caused by trauma or a medical event – face daily challenges as they adjust to the injury’s impact on their lives and on their [...]

Developmental Disabilities

Adults who are living with a developmental disability or autism have a wider range of options than ever before – in their work experience, regarding living arrangements, and in how they [...]

Vocational Services

Having meaningful work that matches interests and talents is a goal we all share, whatever our abilities or education. Equally important is the ability to earn a paycheck and pay the bills.

ServiceNet Shared Living Program

Shared Living is both a lifestyle choice and an employment opportunity. Providers open their homes and offer their support to people who are living with a disability, giving them the chance to be [...]

Devon’s Story-Beacon House

When Devon hit bottom, the Beacon House was there to support her through the first several months of her recovery. Finding a way to give back to the community, she and a local firefighter [...]

Justin’s Story-Prospect Meadow Farm

Justin’s first jobs involved repetitive work indoors, which were not satisfying to him. When he was offered a job at Prospect Meadow Farm, he was excited by the chance it would give him to work [...]

Kaya’s Story – REACH

Kaya was a bright, responsive baby who just wasn’t crawling like others her age. A thorough assessment by the REACH team, and a diagnostic work-up by medical specialists, identified a more [...]

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