With more than 1,200 employees serving over 8,100 people each year, ServiceNet is one of the largest mental health and human service agencies in western Massachusetts.

Because Everybody Needs Help Sometimes

ServiceNet is a non-profit innovative mental health and human services organization with a mission to provide people with effective support, treatments, and strategies so they may live their lives to the fullest.

Offering more than 100 programs and services throughout the four counties of western Massachusetts, ServiceNet provides essential services for people living with mental health challenges, developmental delay or disability, autism, brain injury, homelessness, substance use concerns, and/or other challenges.


Counseling and Psychiatry

We have a variety of counseling and psychiatry services to meet your needs, and can match you with someone who specializes in treating the kind of challenge you are facing.


Mental Health Recovery Services

We provide outreach and advocacy, peer support and residential services to people living in Franklin and Hampshire Counties who have serious and persistent mental health challenges.


Child and Adolescent Services

Building on the strengths and potential of every child we serve, we offer a variety of programs and services to help them address their challenges.


Developmental Services

We offer residential programs, outreach, advocacy, vocational training, and individual or group therapy for people with developmental disability or autism.


Brain Injury Services

We provide residential, rehabilitative, and social support for individuals with brain injury, helping them manage their lives as independently as possible.


Shelter and Housing Services

We provide support to families and individuals who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or who have previously been homeless.


Vocational Services

Through several different vocational programs, we help people with developmental disability or autism learn valuable job skills, find and maintain employment.


Substance Use and Recovery Services

Our professional counselors specialize in treating adults and adolescents who are challenged by a wide range of substance use and addiction issues.  

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