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About ServiceNet

ServiceNet is a non-profit human service agency that provides essential services to people living with mental illness, developmental delay or disability, brain injury, homelessness, substance use issues, and other challenges.  

Each year, we serve more than 12,000 individuals throughout western Massachusetts.


We provide people with effective support, treatments, and strategies so they may live their lives to the fullest. 

Guiding Principles

Customer Service: We listen and respond with attention and an open mind to the needs of clients, families, funders, elected officials, and our communities. 

Diversity: We believe our strength as an organization depends on the diverse cultures, identities, and experiences of our staff and the communities we serve. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the work environment we create together, and to the services we provide. 

Entrepreneurship: We honor creativity and embrace strategic risk-taking, regarding change and growth as constants. 

Evidence-Based Practice: Using evidence-based therapies, strategies, and interventions to guide our approach, we strive to ensure the highest quality, most effective care for the people we serve. 

Fiscal Responsibility: Aware of our role as stewards of public funds and donors’ trust, we are fiscally responsible and diligent in managing our finances to assure the organization’s sustainability. 

Honest Dialogue: We encourage honest and respectful expression of ideas and opinions, actively inviting diverse perspectives and believing all are stronger when we all are heard. 

We're Always Reaching

ServiceNet does not sit still. Innovation demands time and investment, vision and courage. To offer greatest value to those we serve, we are continually growing our programs, adding to the research in our field, and finding new ways to do things better.

Today, ServiceNet has grown to include more than 100 different programs and services:

  • Counseling and psychiatry services for individuals and families
  • An early intervention program for children from birth through age three who have various risk factors or developmental delays
  • An intensive program for young adults coping with serious mental health issues
  • Comprehensive therapeutic and residential support for adults living with long-term mental illness
  • Sober living options for people in recovery from addiction
  • Residential and outreach services for individuals with developmental disability or autism
  • Residential, rehabilitation, and day programs for people with brain injury
  • Vocational services – including a working farm – for individuals with developmental disability or autism
  • Emergency shelters and continuing support to help individuals and families move from homelessness to permanent housing

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