Residential, rehabilitative, and social support for individuals with brain injury

Brain Injury Services

People living with the continuing effects of a brain injury – whether caused by trauma or a medical event – face daily challenges as they adjust to the injury’s impact on their lives and on their families. They may now need to re-learn skills and knowledge they once took for granted, including speaking and walking.

The individuals living in our residences and participating in our Enrichment Center and Strive Clinic come from diverse backgrounds; they have been store managers, students, construction workers, homemakers, professors, and much more.

Each brings a unique experience and perspective to their brain injury recovery process, and our approach helps people make the most of their interests, strengths, and talents.

We also work with family members and friends to support our program participants in living as independently as possible – scheduling regular network meetings, and offering educational sessions about various aspects of brain injury.

Residential Services, Supported Apartments, and Shared Living

ServiceNet has become widely recognized for the high quality of service we provide in our attractive residences for individuals with brain injuries. These homes are located in neighborhoods throughout western Massachusetts, and each is designed to provide the kind of comfortable atmosphere we would want for anyone we love.

In addition to these group residences, we provide several supported apartments and shared living options throughout the community.

Supported apartments are an option for individuals who are ready to live more independently, with continuing support from our outreach team.

Shared Living gives individuals with brain injuries the opportunity to live with people in the community who have chosen to open their homes and provide needed structure and support. Matches are often made based on interests shared by hosts and participants—from art, music, and sports to volunteering

Enrichment Center

The Enrichment Center is dedicated to empowering individuals with acquired brain injuries (ABI) and helping them build a strong sense of community and fulfillment.  

Recognizing each participant’s unique talents and interests, our activities and therapies are designed to promote learning, social interaction, and a feeling of belonging. 

Together, we embrace the power of community and mutual support as we embark on a path of personal growth and shared success. 

Strive Clinic

The Strive Clinic in Holyoke offers physical, occupational, and speech & language therapy to individuals with brain injury who qualify for services under the ABI/MFP waiver.

The Strive Clinic is designed specifically for those who prefer a limited contact/by-appointment-only option rather than the Enrichment Center’s full-day program. 

Internship Opportunities

We offer several internship opportunities at the Enrichment Center in Chicopee, from one-day shadowing experiences to full-time rotations.  We are affiliated with educational programs from local colleges and universities, including Springfield College, University of Massachusetts, Bay Path University, Westfield State University, and Western New England University.

Our interns work with their assigned supervisor to learn the skills and responsibilities related to their specific area of focus.  We offer structured observation, mentorship, and hands-on practice.

We also offer other educational collaborations with area institutions.

To learn more about these opportunities, contact Ellen Werner at [email protected].

Become a Shared Living Host

We provide hosts with training and ongoing support in their work with people who often struggle with some of the daily tasks of living. Program staff help hosts facilitate individuals’ employment, health appointments, and recreation. Participants in the program have coordinated care plans, including clinical and rehabilitative support from providers at ServiceNet and in the community.

Hosts are paid a monthly stipend for their time, and receive funds to cover the individual’s living expenses. To learn more, contact the Human Resources office (413) 387-1110 or email [email protected]

For further resources that may help in caring for a loved one with a brain injury, visit the Brain Injury Association of America’s website.

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