Through our Shared Living program, people in the community open their homes and offer direct support to individuals with developmental disability, autism, or brain injury.

The Program

Shared Living matches are often made based on interests shared by hosts and participants—from art, music, and sports to volunteering.

Employment Opportunity

We provide hosts with training and ongoing support in their work with people who often struggle with some of the daily tasks of living. Program staff help hosts facilitate individuals’ employment, health appointments, and recreation.

Participants in the program have coordinated care plans, including clinical and rehabilitative support from providers at ServiceNet and in the community.

Is Shared Living Right For You?

Shared Living may be an employment option for you.

  • Do you enjoy working with people?
  • Do you welcome the chance to learn from a person who experiences the world in unique and sometimes challenging ways?
  • Would you like to provide an individual with disabilities the same kind of care you would to a family member?

Hosts are paid a monthly stipend for their time, and receive funds to cover the individual’s living expenses.

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