Senior Leadership

  • Susan Stubbs
    Susan Stubbs President and CEO
  • Bruno Calouro
    Bruno Calouro Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Mary Dunn
    Mary Dunn Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Julie Elias
    Julie Elias Vice President of Mental Health Recovery Services
  • Karen Franklin
    Karen Franklin Vice President of Outpatient Services
  • Jennifer Geertsma
    Jennifer Geertsma Chief Quality Officer
  • Abbas Hamdan
    Abbas Hamdan Senior Vice President of Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injury Services
  • Michael Kuta
    Michael Kuta Vice President of Strategy and Program Development
  • Michael Lalak
    Michael Lalak VP of Developmental and Brain Injury Services
  • Polly Normand
    Polly Normand Vice President of Community Programs
  • Jennifer Perreault
    Jennifer Perreault Chief Financial Officer
  • Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson Vice President of Vocational Services
  • James Saccento
    James Saccento Chief Information Officer
  • Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne Smith Executive Assistant
  • Amy Timmins
    Amy Timmins Vice President of Community Relations
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