Having meaningful work that matches interests and talents is a goal we all share, whatever our abilities or education. Equally important is the ability to earn a paycheck and pay the bills.

How We Help

Through our Vocational Services programs, people with autism, developmental, physical, or mental health challenges gain the necessary tools and experience to find and maintain employment.

To help balance work and play, we also offer a variety of recreational and exercise options to the individuals in our programs.

From specific job training opportunities, to coaching that promotes excellent work habits and social skills, we offer each of our participants the chance to build on their vocational strengths.

Independent Employment

Each year, we place more than 85 people in independent, competitive employment throughout western Massachusetts, and we maintain contact after job placement. Our services to employers help reduce turnover and absenteeism, boosting worker productivity and stability.

These services include:

  • Assessment of employment opportunities
  • Supply of information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Job coaching new employees
  • Continuing employee support
  • Tax credits and wage reimbursements

Supported Employment

Supported group worksites offer employment for people who are not able to work independently. These include a variety of manufacturing and service industry companies located throughout the communities we serve.

Another example is our Landscaping Work Crew, which employs residents in our developmental disabilities programs. Each summer, they meticulously maintain the lawns and flower gardens at several of ServiceNet’s properties.

Community Day Program

Pre-job training prepares participants for supported employment. Activities include field trips to area employers, volunteer options, and social opportunities.




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