Residential, clinical, and vocational services for adults with developmental disability or autism.

What We Offer

Adults who are living with a developmental disability or autism have a wider range of options than ever before — in their work experience, regarding living arrangements, and in how they choose to spend their leisure time.

We believe in helping people make the most of their interests, strengths, and talents. Our wide range of residential and day programs are based on the belief that challenges are opportunities to learn, grow, and open the way to new possibilities.

Our programs are located throughout western Massachusetts, and we work with individuals from age 22 through their elder years.

Support Services

We offer several specialized support services for individuals with a developmental disability or autism, including behavioral health support, respite support, outreach, and more.

Residential Support

Our residential services include attractive group homes, located in neighborhoods throughout western Massachusetts. We provide 24-hour support in warm, socially positive environments and individuals are encouraged to become part of the community where they live.

Through our Shared Living program, community members open their homes to offer housing, advocacy, and friendship to the individuals who are living with them. And supported apartments are an option for those who are ready to live still more independently, with continuing support from our outreach teams.

Vocational Services

Whether working on our farm in Hatfield, on one of our work crews, or holding a job in the community, our program participants have a wide range of vocational options to explore.

Outpatient Counseling Services

At ServiceNet’s Outpatient Clinics, we offer several individual and group therapies which are designed specifically for individuals with developmental disability or autism.

To schedule an appointment, call 413-584-6855.

Involving Family and Community

Each of the people we serve is part of a family. Part of a community. So we involve program participants’ family and friends in creating plans specifically for them. Our staff then provides the supervision, support, and education needed to help them gain the skills and abilities to manage their own lives as independently as possible.

We provide a range of Developmental Services

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