Whoever we are, there’s nothing like sharing an experience in our lives with someone who really gets it. Because they’ve been there. They know.

Research has shown that peer-to-peer counseling is one of the most effective means to helping people achieve change in their lives. Peer specialists don’t tell people what to do. Instead, they offer lessons from their own experience. They ask the right questions at the right time, and support people in reaching specific goals.

All of the peer specialists in our program are certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and have completed at least 80 hours of training. Referrals may come from counselors on the Outreach Team, or from ServiceNet program participants who have contacted peer specialists directly.

In addition to their one-to-one work, peer specialists run a variety of groups, including expressive arts, Hearing Voices, Finders-Keepers workshops, relaxation skills, and smoking reduction/cessation.

We can connect you with someone who understands

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