Each child grows and learns in his or her own way, and some face more challenges than others.

Your Questions, Answered

If you have questions or concerns about how your baby is growing and developing, our staff can help you find answers while offering you the support you need.

  • Does something seem off – or different – to you about your baby’s development?
  • Is your child slower than others her age to sit or crawl?
  • Is she not yet speaking like her peers?
  • Does he have trouble holding or using objects?
  • Does she have stiff limbs or low muscle tone?

How We Help

Kaya was a bright, responsive baby who just wasn’t crawling like others her age.  A thorough assessment by the REACH team, and a diagnostic work-up by medical specialists, identified a more complex challenge.  Thanks to early intervention, Kaya is now  thriving in school.

Our coordinated services – which often include physical, occupational and/or speech therapy – are provided through family home visits and daycare settings. Our experienced staff conduct individualized developmental evaluations and create care plans for each child’s unique needs.


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