Western Massachusetts Red Cross Names Hometown Hero

Danny Clifford has earned the right to be called a hometown hero


lives in a group home in Amherst. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy and has limited use of one arm.
But that didn’t stop Danny from becoming a hometown hero. Danny used the Heimlich maneuver, saving the life of the group home director who was choking on a tangerine wedge that was stuck in his throat.

Gus Ramirez of the ServiceNet Program told 22News, “He knew the universal sign that something was wrong, He immediately within seconds reacted, came behind me and saved my life. What’s remarkable is that Danny, a client in this program was the only client I knew who took the first aid CPR, he learned it.”

Danny Clifford, a western Massachusetts hometown hero, said, “It look me that long to look at seeing this gentleman choking and react, using the skills that I learned ten years ago.”

Ramirez added, “After I recovered, after the Adrenaline rush, I looked at him and I gave him a hug. I went home and told my wife about it I was very touched that Danny was able to save my life

Danny Clifford overcame his disability during those precious seconds when he saw his friend, mentor, and caregiver in jeopardy. Staff members called it inspiring.

Cheryl Denniston, also of the ServiceNet program said, “He has one arm that he doesn’t have full use of. But it didn’t matter. He made sure that was his arm that he used. He took a strong arm to push the other arm in.

Clifford said, “It made me feel good, I felt like I was, I did what I needed to do.”

Danny Clifford has earned the right to be called a hometown hero. The western Massachusetts Red Cross will honor Danny at the hometown hero’s breakfast on Friday March 17th.

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