Together, We Thrive

The mental health crisis in the United States is an urgent reality, fueled by societal and economic pressures, limited access to mental healthcare, environmental factors, and more. The consequences ripple through families, schools, workplaces, and emergency departments, impacting all of us.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

ServiceNet, an innovative non-profit mental health and human services agency, provides a wide range of essential services and specialized programs to over 8,100 individuals and families across western Massachusetts every year.  

We believe in everyone’s capacity to live their life to the fullest, no matter the challenges.   

Together, We Thrive, a campaign for mental health and wellness

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Your gift to ServiceNet will help support programs and services that empower people of all ages and abilities to build better lives for themselves and their communities.  

Together, we can create transformative change.  

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