The Caring Force Advocates for Human Services Workers Across the Commonwealth

The Caring Force (TCF) is the grassroots advocacy initiative of the Providers’ Council, an association of community-based human services agencies in Massachusetts with more than 220 members. ServiceNet CEO Susan Stubbs is a member of the Council’s Board of Directors.  

TCF empowers people who care about the human services sector to advance an agenda in Massachusetts that protects our most vulnerable neighbors while creating a stronger economy in which human service workers receive the pay, recognition, and respect they deserve. 

The Caring Force Rally Participants

Caring Force Initiatives 

Caring Force initiatives aim to address the direct care worker staffing crisis. The Caring Force is currently supporting two bills: one that would ensure a livable wage for human service staff working in private, community-based nonprofit human service organizations, and one that would create a student loan repayment program for human service workers.  

11th Annual Rally 

The Caring Force will also hold its 11th annual rally at the Massachusetts State House on Tuesday, May 16th. Attendees will help advocate for The Providers’ Council’s Pro-Workforce Legislative Agenda and many will share their personal stories to better help government leaders understand just how vital a role the human services sector plays in building caring communities across the Commonwealth.  

If you are a ServiceNet employee interested in learning more about any of these events or initiatives, please email Caroline O’Neill, Project Manager for The Caring Force, at [email protected] and cc Suzanne Smith: [email protected].


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