Spotlight on Greenfield & Northampton Cooperative Bank, a Generous Sponsor of ServiceNet’s Inaugural Art Show

A warm thank you to Greenfield & Northampton Cooperative Bank for their incredible support as one of our generous sponsors for ServiceNet’s inaugural art show.

Greenfield & Northampton Cooperative Bank has a longstanding philanthropic tradition, which President & CEO Tony Worden (pictured) is proud to continue.

“Many of the people on our team, including myself, previously worked at large regional and national banks,” Worden noted. “We came here because we wanted to be closer to the community and to our customers. Our board is all local, too, and giving to organizations like ServiceNet has been important to all of us.”

Worden added that during the pandemic, the bank’s team became especially aware of the pressing need for mental health care. “There’s just no substitute for human interaction, and the impact of that long period of isolation is still being felt by many families and children,” said Worden.

“Contributing to ServiceNet’s campaign for mental health and wellbeing was a way to help address that need right here close to home—and to directly benefit the community where we live and work.”

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