ServiceNet’s Strive Clinic Attends DDS Assistive Technology Fair

ServiceNet’s Strive Clinic recently participated in the Central/West Regional DDS Office’s Assistive Technology Fair. This event was one of the three assistive technology fairs held across the state, with over 900 visitors exploring products to enhance their quality of life and services available through DDS Supportive Technology.

These events, part of the DDS “Technology Forward” initiative, connect families with Assistive Technology Providers and services to promote inclusive and independent living.

ServiceNet’s Strive Clinic offers physical, occupational, and speech & language therapy to individuals with brain injury who qualify for services under the ABI/MFP waiver. The clinic features a well-equipped gym, providing a safe space for recovery with the support of experienced professionals. The Strive Clinic also specializes in assistive technology, helping clients achieve their rehabilitation goals. For more information about the Strive Clinic, email [email protected] or call 413.570.8122.

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