ServiceNet’s REACH Early Intervention Program Enhances Services through Brazelton Touchpoints Training

Over 30 staff members in ServiceNet’s REACH Early Intervention Program recently completed a customized, strengths-based family engagement training through the Brazelton Touchpoints Center (BTC). ServiceNet’s REACH program works with children from birth to age three in Hampshire County, Franklin County, and the North Quabbin region who have various risk factors or developmental delays, with staff consisting of developmental specialists, physical, occupational, and/or speech therapists, and more. 

The goal of the Touchpoints training is to give REACH’s early intervention professionals tools to support the development of stronger, strengths-based bonds between caregivers and children during the vital early developmental phases. This training empowers ServiceNet’s early intervention team to offer personalized care and address the unique needs and strengths of every family they serve. 

The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (MA EEC) partnered with Brazelton Touchpoints Center in June of 2023 to offer training to 200 state workers in early education. By training ServiceNet’s early intervention staff in this shared methodology, ServiceNet will also be able to better collaborate with key state agencies in early education and care, all with the goal of best supporting families.  

ServiceNet’s implementation of the Brazelton Touchpoints approach is made possible through the generous support of the Beveridge Family Foundation 

 “We are immensely grateful to the Beveridge Family Foundation for their support, which has allowed us to broaden our expertise and enrich our approach in supporting early childhood development,” said Polly Normand, Vice President of Community Programs. “We are committed to offering the highest quality of services to the families in our community and the Touchpoints training plays a valuable role in achieving this goal.”  

For more information about ServiceNet and its REACH Early Intervention Program, please visit our website or email [email protected].  

About ServiceNet: 

ServiceNet is a leading provider of mental health and human services in western Massachusetts, committed to supporting individuals and families facing challenges by offering a wide range of programs and support services.  

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