ServiceNet opens new depression treatment center in Northampton

An open house was held Thursday evening at ServiceNet in Northampton. Medical Director Louis Velazquez told 22News it’s the first community mental health center provider of TMS therapy in Western Massachusetts.

Transcranial Magnetic Simulation is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment for depression. The center was opened by ServiceNet, a mental health and human services organization in western Massachusetts.

Velazquez told 22News, as a community mental health center, the top priority is being accessible to all Northampton residents.

“And as such, we are available to the public at large, we’re available to the poor, the indigent, those who do not have the resources to seek these types of treatments on their own,” Velazquez said.

He added that TMS technology might look complicated, but it’s just like an MRI. A magnet beam is pointed at a specific part of the brain associated with improving mood.

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