ServiceNet Launches its New Wellness Program

ServiceNet’s Wellness Program, for adults receiving services through the agency’s outpatient clinic in Northampton, is now enrolling those interested in improving their physical activity, nutrition, and stress management. Providing personal coaching and individually designed wellness plans, the program’s goal is to help people identify small adjustments they can make in their lifestyle to feel more balanced and healthier.

“Each person’s program will be tailored to their specific needs and interests,” explained wellness expert and program director Megan Reed. “Since no two people have exactly the same wellness objectives, we help participants identify physical activities, recipes, or relaxation practices that are pleasing, rewarding, and make them curious to know more,” she said. “That’s what inspires any one of us to keep going over time, which is how lasting change happens.”

ServiceNet’s Wellness Program is currently located on the first floor of the Florence Inn on North Maple Street in Florence. Close to the bike path and a PVTA bus stop, the facility offers participants private movement studios, a meditation space, and a meeting room for group gatherings.

For more information about ServiceNet’s Wellness Program, contact [email protected] or call 413-588-4522.

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