REACH’s Abbie Wanamaker-Ordorica Brings 20 Years of Early Education Experience to Her New Role

Abbie Wanamaker-Ordorica is a developmental specialist and services coordinator in ServiceNet’s REACH Early Intervention program. The REACH program works with children from birth to age three who have various risk factors or developmental delays. Depending on the needs of each child and family, REACH offers services in homes, at childcare centers, or via telehealth.   

In her role with REACH, Abbie coordinates services, runs various REACH playgroups, and works closely with individual families, building relationships to best support them and their children.  

For Abbie, relationship building is a critical priority in her role. As one of the first staff members that families may interact with, Abbie works to establish a trusting relationship that focuses on the family and their unique needs.   

“I want families and caregivers to know right away that we’re all working together for a shared goal. The family is already a team; if the children are in childcare, the teachers are also part of that team,” Abbie says. “By including REACH, we are just expanding the team a little more. Each relationship is different, so it is important to take the time for us to all know each other and build that trust before jumping into the work.”  

Before joining ServiceNet this past August, Abbie worked as an early educator for 20 years and later as the director of a cooperative school in Boston. When Abbie and her family relocated to western Massachusetts, Abbie was excited to take the work she deeply loved in a new direction.   

Abbie Wanamaker-Ordorica

“I was looking for a way to challenge myself in my career without losing the part I most love, which is working with young children,” Abbie says. “As an educator, I’d worked before with people from REACH. I’ve always loved them and the work they do. And in the early intervention field, there’s this space where I can zoom in on certain aspects and grow in new ways. It’s been an exciting time.”  

Beyond her work in early intervention, Abbie is also a visual artist. She finds the art-making process is valuable for working with children and helps her find balance. “My art has always been a way of processing emotions. Working with young children, in early intervention or not, can be both emotionally challenging and rewarding. My art helps me find the balance I need to bring my best to my family and my work.” 

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