Program Director Jennifer Mancini Brings Passion for Empowerment to Her Role in Developmental Services

Program Director Jennifer ManciniJennifer Mancini, a Program Director in ServiceNet’s Developmental and Brain Injury Services (DBIS) division, has over two decades of experience in the developmental services field, with 11 years in the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) in Massachusetts. 

For Jennifer, her profession is more than just a job—it’s a calling. “I love seeing the difference you can make in people’s lives,” she shares. “As staff, we can get to know the folks we work with on a personal level. That helps us find activities and community events that enhance and improve their quality of life. I want to see the clients I work with living their best life.” 

Jennifer’s passion for helping people live their lives to the fullest is exemplified in her proactive approach. She always seeks new opportunities for the individuals she works with, ensuring they have meaningful experiences. One such instance involved recently discovering a resident’s love for wrestling, leading Jennifer to collaborate with another client’s guardian to organize a memorable outing to a live WWE event in Boston. 

This commitment to enriching lives extends beyond her professional sphere into her personal life. Jennifer jokes that within five minutes of meeting her, you will hear about her beloved animals—two horses, two goats, and a dog. Her previous experience as a veterinary technician highlights her compassion and dedication to improving the lives of both people and animals. 

Jennifer’s determination to aid others also motivated her to take on the role of a program director, where she believes she can make a positive impact on a larger scale. 

Recognizing the important role of support in her work, Jennifer also highlights several areas that have resonated with her. “My Director of Operations has been extremely helpful and supportive, and that makes a world of difference for me,” she notes. “The program director trainings also stand out for me. They’ve proven to be very helpful, and everyone who teaches them has been great.”

Jennifer wishes more people in the community could recognize that the clients she assists, though they may have their differences, are unique individuals who aspire to lead fulfilling lives just like everyone else. She considers this shared understanding to be a valuable aspect of her job. “At ServiceNet, there are so many individuals who truly empathize with the clients, and that means a lot to me and to the individuals we work with.”

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