Kim Morales Brings Inspiration and Motivation to her Work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at ServiceNet’s Strive Clinic 

Kim Morales is an occupational therapy assistant at ServiceNet’s Strive Clinic in Chicopee. In her role at the clinic, Kim helps clients who have experienced a brain injury become more functional and better able to perform activities and goals that enhance their quality of life. 

“A lot of this work is helping them reach their personal goals,” says Kim. “One of the things I love most about the Strive Clinic is how it allows us to focus on what the client wants and where they want to progress in their lives.” 

Growing up in a family of human services workers, Kim and her siblings knew they would go into similar fields as their parents. But Kim’s path to ServiceNet, though not a straight line, was shaped by none other than the neighbor next door. 

Kim began her career working in a school with children with behavioral and developmental needs. While there, she worked closely with an occupational therapist (OT) and loved their work. Inspired by that experience, Kim became an OT assistant. She then worked in adult mental health at Providence Hospital for five years. However, at the beginning of COVID, the hospital shut down. Kim found herself at a crossroads. 

“My OT assistant experience at that time was all in mental health, so I was unsure what to do next,” Kim recalls. “I had just had a child, so I even thought about running a daycare.” 

That’s when Kim’s neighbor, Ellen Werner, also the director of operations at the Enrichment Center/Strive Clinic, reached out to her and urged Kim to join the Strive Clinic. Hesitant at first, Kim quickly grew to love the clients, team, and vision of the Strive Clinic. Inspired by the work here, Kim decided to continue following her professional goals and return to school for her Master in Occupational Therapy degree. 

Kim’s experience at the Strive Clinic is fueled by the understanding that meeting people where they are in their journey and getting to know their individual goals is key to motivation and long-term changes. 

Kim’s positivity radiates when she talks about her work, the clients she works with, and the other staff at the center. 

“We have a great team, and it’s inspiring to see everyone continually grow and learn in their work,” Kim says. “I hope the clients realize how much they help us and how much their presence impacts so many people.” 

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