Jenny Schreiber, ServiceNet’s CFO, was awarded Excellence in Administration & Finance Award by ABH

Jenny Schreiber has been with ServiceNet since 2003 as our Chief Financial Officer. She oversees the work of our Fiscal Services department, and assures that our financial house is in solid order. In fact, during Jenny’s 14-year tenure, we have had only one audit finding, which was a minor technicality at that. Our auditors commend us on this accomplishment every year, and comment on how extraordinary it is.

As a member of our senior team, Jenny brings her extensive knowledge and keen intelligence to our discussions—offering her expertise in financial analysis, her broad view of Massachusetts and federal funding agencies, and her personal commitment to ServiceNet’s mission and strategic goals. She sounds cautionary notes as needed, and always with her dry sense of humor well intact.

One of the things we especially appreciate about Jenny is her enthusiasm and passion for facilitating the smooth opening of new programs and community services. She makes it possible for us to be highly responsive to our funders, which is key to our success.

Jenny also educates our leaders and program managers throughout the organization on financial matters, through both her group presentations and 1-1 sessions.  Reaching people where they are on the financial curve, she helps them understand figures as an essential part of their program planning and program evaluation.  She helps financial information come alive for all of us, and supports our continuing growth as an agency with her own entrepreneurial energy.    


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