Human Resources Assistant Evan White-Tolbert on Why Room to Grow is Such an Essential Workplace Benefit  

Human Resources Assistant Evan White-Tolbert had been working as a barista at a coffee shop when he decided it was time to transition to full-time work in an office environment. A friend who worked for ServiceNet told him about an opening she knew of in the organization, and Evan was intrigued.   

Evan, who studied music and social work at Greenfield Community College, started as a front desk receptionist in one of ServiceNet’s mental health clinics in Greenfield before eventually joining ServiceNet’s Human Resources Department. He’s been in his current position in HR for six years and loves the team and the mission of ServiceNet.   

One thing Evan most appreciates about working in HR is that ServiceNet’s HR takes a people-first approach in all aspects of its work. This attitude extends to the staff they serve and the HR team itself.   

“Taking care of your employees is like tending a garden,” Evan says. “You need to get to know your plants because they require different amounts of light and water to bloom. And somehow, the leadership in HR has this great ability to know each point for us. Everybody on the team is cared for, which is extraordinary.”   

Evan, who continues to play music in his spare time—everything from guitar, drums, and bass — also appreciates how ServiceNet gives people with non-traditional backgrounds the support and room to grow professionally. 

“There is no agency quite like ServiceNet, which will let you in the door and support you in good faith to achieve anything you put your mind to,” Evan says. “I have seen so many people climb the ranks and achieve things they probably didn’t dream were possible, myself included. And just where I am now, having no HR experience before and being trained and taking on a lot of responsibilities, I was given that opportunity to prove myself. If you crave these opportunities and are committed to proving yourself, this is a great place for you.”  

And, of course, he would not be an HR representative if he did not also appreciate the more tangible benefits of the job.  

“Even though I am younger, I’ve known since I started working that I wanted to retire comfortably,” Evan says. “That ServiceNet matches your contribution up to a certain amount is great. And none of my friends have the same amount of paid sick and vacation time, and they are amazed at how affordable the healthcare options are. These are all great benefits, and just the icing on the cake beyond doing work helping people.” 

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