May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

May marks National Mental Health Awareness Month, a time dedicated to urging individuals to prioritize their mental wellbeing and honoring the importance of mental health for overall wellness. 

Organizations like ServiceNet play a key role in making mental health services accessible, and by spreading awareness, we encourage people to seek support when needed. 

Here’s how you can contribute to your mental wellbeing: 

  • Self-care: Prioritize sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, and activities that bring joy. 
  • Seek professional help: Reach out to qualified therapists or counselors for support and resources. 
  • Stay connected: Maintain relationships with loved ones and seek support from groups or online communities. 
  • Reduce stress: Practice mindfulness, deep breathing, and take breaks to manage stress effectively. 
  • Challenge negative thoughts: Identify and challenge harmful thought patterns to improve mental health. 
  • Practice gratitude: Focus on the positives and cultivate gratitude for a happier mindset. 

National Mental Health Awareness Month not only raises awareness but also unites communities in promoting mental health education and fighting stigma. Members of the ServiceNet community will be participating in the annual Mental Health and Wellness Fair on May 15 at Energy Park in Greenfield. We are also a sponsor of the western Massachusetts NAMI walk-a-thon and will have a table at the event.  

Together, we can build a culture of understanding and compassion, ensuring everyone has access to the support they need. Our deepest gratitude goes to those dedicated to advancing community mental health and championing mental wellbeing. 

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