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  • JUNE 14TH, 2021

In his June 9 message, guest columnist Jalil Johnson offered several excellent examples of the services available in Northampton to address the needs of people who are hungry or homeless.

We would simply like to clarify that the Grove Street Inn and Hampshire County Resource Center, both of which he mentioned as services for people who are homeless or at risk of losing their home, are programs of ServiceNet. In addition, the Interfaith Shelter on Center Street, which we staff in partnership with Friends of Hampshire County Homeless — and which is usually open only during the colder months of the year — will be open throughout the summer due to continuing COVID-19 safety measures.

Another key partner of ours is Healthcare for the Homeless, which provides walk-in care on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Resource Center, also located on Center Street.

The number to call with questions about any of our shelter and housing programs in Northampton is 413-5866001.

Additionally, through ServiceNet’s Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic on Pleasant Street, we offer specialized treatment, case management, wellness, and coaching services to individuals with chronic mental health and/or substance use challenges, many of whom may also have complex medical and social needs related to living on the streets.

We welcome Mr. Johnson’s advocacy for support of the local organizations that provide meals, shelter, mental health and medical care, and other services to our neighbors who are without a home or are otherwise in need.

There are many of us doing so in Northampton, and we often work together to assure that people have the best possible chance to move from homeless to housed.

  • Vice President of Community Relations
  • ServiceNet

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