An Example to Us All




Such good news… A donor’s gift has made the expansion of the Wells St. homeless shelter possible! The article in the Dec. 2 Recorder did not tell us the name of the donor, but we would like to express our gratitude to that donor for their generosity in this public way (in the letters). It seems that the state funds ServiceNet for all its services at 65%. It wouldn’t have been possible for this shelter to expand at the current state funding level.

We, a small group from various religious communities, are interested in knowing all ways that the public can help with improving our care of the homeless. We can’t wait for state funding to make it happen. To the person who stepped up and gave generously to help make more space for the homeless in our city; thank you! You are an example to us all. We know that each person can make a difference, in a small way or a big one.

Carol Letson, Greenfield

Marguerite Sheehan, Shelburne Falls

Dorrie Merriam, Shelburne Falls

Lynn Parker, Greenfield

Jack Janssen, Florence

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