Developmental and Brain Injury Services

The Developmental and Brain Injury Services Division provides a full continuum of community residential and support programs, including 28 shared living arrangements, 30 supported apartments, and 2 respite services. In addition, we have a landscaping business which employs residents who are ready for a competitive work experience.

We partner with individuals and their families to design Individual Service Plans, stressing empowerment and consumer participation in decision-making about services. In accordance with each plan, our staff provides the supervision, support, and training to help individuals gain the skills and abilities needed to manage their own lives to the greatest extent possible.

We recognize that some of our consumers are also diagnosed with mental illness. Our staff provides supportive counseling and behavioral interventions designed to manage dysfunctional behaviors. All services are tailored to individual needs and are adjusted as those needs change.

We pride ourselves on our constant effort to provide the best quality services available. We are open to feedback from everyone—consumers, family members, and staff.

We promote integrity, human dignity, and inclusiveness. Collaboration is important to us. Our staff is a true team. We partner with families. And our services are always person-centered.

Our services are provided under contracts with the Commonwealth's Department of Developmental Services and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, and our work is conducted in close partnership with these state agencies.

To learn first-hand how ServiceNet's Developmental and Brain Injury Services department helps people, watch Pomp's Story.