IT specialist Javon Robbins Took an Unconventional Career Path to ServiceNet

ServiceNet IT specialist Javon Robbins provides computer and hardware support to ServiceNet programs and offices across western Massachusetts. Javon keeps the various technologies needed for programs and services running smoothly so the programs and services can also.

While Javon took a non-traditional path to find his place at ServiceNet, he has long had a passion for computers and hardware that focused his journey. And a splash of luck in the form of an unlikely mentor helped him on his way to ServiceNet. 

While working at Big Y in the meat department, Javon got to know Brian Lech, his then assistant manager. While working together, Javon and Brian discovered a shared interest in computers, and Brian helped Javon build his first computer from the ground up. The experience inspired Javon. 

“From there,” Javon says, “it’s just been constantly trying to learn the ins and outs and applying that knowledge to turn my interest into a career.”

Brian eventually left Big Y and joined ServiceNet as a technical support manager, and later a relief IT technician. When a position within the IT department at ServiceNet became available last year, Brian reached out to Javon to join the team.

Being primarily self-taught, Javon made it clear during the interview process that he wanted the team to be comfortable with the learning he might still require at times. Not only was this not an issue, but Javon has also been overwhelmingly happy with the nurturing environment of the department and the space given for professional growth. 

For Javon, another reason working for ServiceNet is also special is because of the organization’s mission, which resonates with Javon’s own experiences when he was younger. 

“Growing up, I lived in a home where you have a client with you, who might be in a wheelchair or with a developmental disability, and you’re taking care of them. And growing up in that environment, you come to see that person as family,” Javon says. “And now, working for an organization where we’re specifically helping people with brain injuries, mental health issues, and other challenges is rewarding. Even though I’m not in the houses and taking care of clients, I am helping the people who are helping, and I hope my assistance has a positive effect.”

Javon finds the mission, the camaraderie of the IT staff, and the fulfillment of doing work solving technology issues a mix that makes work a pleasure. 

“There are other employers where you wake up and think, ‘I would do anything not to go in today.’ And I feel the opposite here,” Javon says. “I wake up excited to come into work every morning, and no day is the same. It’s a little like paradise.”

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