Tammy Bettis Nurtures Connections and Empowers Lives in ServiceNet’s DBIS Division

Tammy Bettis, Program Director at ServiceNetTammy Bettis, Program Manager of the George Street house in ServiceNet’s Developmental and Brain Injury Services (DBIS) division, has played a vital role within ServiceNet since 2016. She joined the organization as a direct care staff member via The Arc, which oversaw the George Street house before ServiceNet took over the management.

Reflecting on her role as a program director, Tammy shares, “It’s my job to ensure that everything is running smoothly. That the gentlemen who live here are getting what they need and being advocated for to ensure they are living their best possible life.”

Despite transitioning from direct care to management, Tammy remains dedicated to maintaining personal connections with residents. She explains, “Now and then, I take off my Program Director hat and go out there and have coffee with them, or we work on a puzzle together. I still try to make sure part of my time is with them so that they know I didn’t go anywhere and that my office door is always open for them.”

This same focus on teamwork and approachability is evident in Tammy’s leadership style. She actively supports new staff, working alongside them when they first arrive to foster a cohesive team dynamic. “To me, an essential part of my job is to create a good team. We all play different roles. But at the end of the day, we’re all one team—and we need to trust and appreciate each other.”

With a background in healthcare as a CNA and personal experiences advocating for individuals with disabilities, including members of her family, Tammy’s dedication to service shines through in her work at ServiceNet. “The best days are when I have a little time to eat lunch with the residents and chat and catch up. That keeps me centered and energizes me. These folks are like family to me.”

Like any family, Tammy wishes others could see the people she works with as more than their disabilities. “They are really great guys here at George Street. They’re great guys who like to have fun, and I appreciate it when people see them as full individuals who want to live their best lives. They want to be seen and understood, just like all of us.”

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