New esketamine program for treatment-resistant depression

NORTHAMPTON – ServiceNet, a provider of community mental health services in western Massachusetts, is launching a new esketamine program at its Northampton clinic for people experiencing treatment-resistant depression. Though preciously limited to those with substantial financial means, this breakthrough treatment approved by the FDA in 2019 is now covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare and MassHealth. In depression, certain areas of the brain may be underactive, leading to symptoms such as low-mood, loss if interest, and feelings of hopelessness. Esketamine helps to restore balance by promoting the formation of new connections between brain cells, known as synapses, in these underactive areas. This process enhances learning functions and eventually trains the brain to adapt to a more comfortable and positive state. For more information about ServiceNet’s comprehensive clinical options for treatment of depression, call 413-584-6855, or go to

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