Senior Leadership

  • Susan Stubbs
    Susan Stubbs President and CEO
  • Jeanne Bishop
    Jeanne Bishop Director of Mental Health Recovery Services
  • Bruno Calouro
    Bruno Calouro Vice President of Operations
  • Seth Dunn
    Seth Dunn Director of Quality Management
  • Karen Franklin
    Karen Franklin Director of Outpatient Services
  • Jim Frutkin
    Jim Frutkin Vice President of Clinical Services
  • Jen Geertsma
    Jen Geertsma Director of Research
  • Abbas Hamdan
    Abbas Hamdan Vice President of Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injury Services
  • Marci Morris
    Marci Morris Senior Director of Operations and Systems Management, Developmental and Brain Injury Services
  • Medora Rogers
    Medora Rogers Director of Human Resources
  • James Saccento
    James Saccento Chief Information Officer and Director of Compliance
  • Jay Sacchetti
    Jay Sacchetti Vice President of Shelter & Housing, Vocational, and Addiction Services
  • Jenny Schreiber
    Jenny Schreiber Chief Financial Officer
  • Amy Swisher
    Amy Swisher Vice President of Community Relations