Management Team

Susan Stubbs, President and CEO

Bruce Barshefsky, Vice President of Administration and Finance

James Frutkin, Vice President of Clinical Services

Abbas Hamdan, Vice President of Developmental and Brain Injury Services

Jay Pasternack, Vice President of Mental Health Recovery Services

Jay Sacchetti, Vice President of Vocational, Substance Abuse, Shelter/Housing, and Berkshire Services

Achyut Basnet, Director of Operations, Belchertown/Pittsfield Developmental Disability Programs

Jeanne Bishop, Director of Hampshire County Mental Health Recovery Services

Bruno Calouro, Chief Technology Officer

Darleen Corbett, Director of REACH

Cheryl Denniston, Director of Operations, Franklin/Hampshire County Developmental Disability Programs

Seth Dunn, Director of Quality Management

Nageeb Elgadi, Director of Operations, Traumatic Brain Injury Programs

Danielle Fiorentino, Assistant Clinical Director, Developmental and Brain Injury Services, Franklin/Hampshire area

Lindsey Fletcher-Lynch, Director of Franklin County Mental Health Recovery Services

Erin Forbush, Director of Operations, Pittsfield Developmental Disability Programs

Jennifer Geertsma, Director of Applied Research

Alice Gmyrek, Director of HomeCare

Susan Karas, Director of Outpatient Services

Katie Miernecki, Director of Hampshire County Shelter and Housing Services

Lorrie Morin, Director of Operations, Holyoke/Chicopee Developmental Disability Programs

Marci Morris, Director of Operations, Holyoke/Chicopee and Springfield Developmental Disability Programs

Dr. Ali Moshiri, Medical Director

Ken Narkiewicz, Director of Information Technology

Claire Kuhn, Clinical Director, Developmental and Brain Injury Services, Holyoke/Chicopee area

Amanda Sprague, Clinical Director, Developmental and Brain Injury Services, Franklin/Hampshire area

Wendy Payson, Director of Communications and Community Relations

Medora Rogers, Director of Human Resources

James Saccento, Chief Information Officer

Genevieve Schreiber, Chief Financial Officer

Elaine Sibley, Director of Operations, Hampshire/Franklin Developmental Disability Programs

Carlton Soper, Director of Medication Services

Anne White, Director of Development