Franklin County Shelters

The Franklin County Shelters consist of the Greenfield Family Inn, the Wells Street Shelter, and the Silver Street Inn.

The Greenfield Family Inn is the oldest of the three programs, having opened in 1987. Our goal is to offer a harmonious, home-like environment in which people may address issues that have contributed to their homelessness. Through positive relationships that develop between staff and guests, people are able to address their situation with dignity and begin to heal from the trauma and upheaval caused by homelessness.

Located in Greenfield, the Wells Street Shelter is a year-round overnight shelter for homeless adults. The shelter has a maximum capacity of 20 individuals, and often times it is completely full.

The Silver Street Inn in Greenfield is a transitional housing program providing long-term supported housing for individuals while they regain economic and housing stability. This important program is a key component in people's journey back to independence.

Some folks spend a few nights, some spend a few weeks, and many spend a few months. All come with their own story of how they became homeless. Perhaps it's due to divorce or a death in the family. Perhaps they  endured a fire in the house or a job loss. Or perhaps there was a devastating illness. The list of possible reasons goes on and on. No matter what their reason, we're here to help.

In addition to a safe, warm place to sleep and three nutritious meals a day, we also offer:

  • Support and advocacy services to address people’s needs in the following areas: financial, health, mental health, legal, education, employment, housing, budgeting, parenting, and child care.
  • Comprehensive housing search services to help to address all issues that prevent people from finding and keeping a home.
  • A follow-up program to help people keep their housing after they move out of the shelter.

We rely on donations from the community to help keep our doors open. If you would like to help, please visit our donation page and/or our wish list page. Thank you!

For more information, call 413.774.6382.