Adult Mental Health Recovery Services


The Mental Health Recovery Services Division serves approximately 500 people with serious and persistent mental health challenges who live in Hampshire and Franklin Counties through three contracts with the Department of Mental Health. Two contracts focus on adults, while the third is designed for “transitional age youth”, typically ranging in age from 18 years of age to the early or mid 20’s. The contracts all embrace the principles of person-centered recovery, while recognizing the highly individualized need for various levels of flexible care and support. Consequently, our programs offer a wide array of services, ranging from 24-hour residential homes to supported and independent housing sites. Staffing is provided by advance degreed clinicians; bachelor level counselors; and other talented individuals with mental health experience, including people with “lived experience” who offer a specialized form of peer support, guidance, and education through our Mutual Support Services component.

Outreach teams serve the majority of our clients, who live independently or with modest supports. The level, type, and intensity of support is determined by each client’s Comprehensive Assessment and Individual Action Plan, which are designed to maximize the participation and input of clients and their families or other supports, as appropriate. For many people, recovery involves the identification of goals revolving around work, school, meaningful activities, wellness, housing, and social relations. Therefore, most of our support services are geared towards these objectives.

Mental Health Recovery Services is dedicated to the fulfillment of personally relevant goals for our clients. While there are, of course, limited resources to contend with, we strive to work with our program participants in a creative manner to help them attain satisfaction and meaning in their daily lives.

Counseling and Psychiatry are provided through our Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Programs.  For information about services, locations and to make an appointment, click here.  

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