Addiction Services

Counseling and Psychiatry: for those struggling with substance abuse and their families members.

Do you worry:

  • That you are drinking more than you intend?
  • That your substance use is interfering with your job or important relationships?
  • That your partner or child is headed down a dangerous path related to use of drugs or alcohol?

We provide compassionate, caring services which meet you where you are. 

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Three recovery homes serve as transitional residences for men and women 18 years of age and older who are in the early stages of substance abuse recovery. We provide a lightly structured, drug-free environment. This supportive environment is maintained through 24-hour staffing and case management services. The social model and milieu encourages house residents to provide one another with a culture of recovery, support, sharing, and positive peer role modeling. The programs are built on the philosophy that each individual must learn to take responsibility for their own recovery process.

Outpatient behavioral health and substance abuse services are anchored by experienced, licensed mental health clinicians, psychiatrists, and nurses who provide excellent treatment for a wide range of problems.

Driver alcohol education, second offense aftercare, and community corrections programs are also provided.