About Us

The mission of ServiceNet is to enhance the quality of life of adults, children and families, through the provision of effective and responsive clinical, residential, rehabilitative, recovery and support services.

ServiceNet provides a wide range of human services for people in the Pioneer Valley. Our programs include outpatient behavioral health services; adolescent support programs; early intervention for young children; home health care; rehabilitation and residential programs for those with mental health issues, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, or addictions; and shelter and housing services for the homeless.

ServiceNet’s dedicated staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, physical and occupational therapists, and administrative and support staff.

Revenues come from a variety of sources, including local, state, and federal government and private contracts; public and private foundations; insurance reimbursements and client fees; and generous donations by the community. 

ServiceNet has program sites in Hampshire, Franklin, Hampden, Berkshire, and Worcester counties. ServiceNet’s administrative offices are located in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Watch our videos from 20122013, and 2014 to learn more about how ServiceNet is changing lives each and every day.